Rings cast in washable crayons. Packaged in sets of 8, basic 8 count crayon colors, please be aware various computer screens will show colors slightly differently. Available for purchase in size 7 from The Future Perfect.
by Timothy Liles.

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kanYe West : Blog : ZIP IT UP

kanYe West : Blog : ZIP IT UP

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Marjory the Trash Heap is a large, matronly, sentient compost heap from Fraggle Rock. According to her rat-like companions Philo and Gunge, who serve as her shills, the Trash Heap knows all and sees all. In fact Marjory is all: “I’m orange peel, I’m coffee grounds, I’m wisdom!” She serves as an oracle to the Fraggles, dispensing advice and wise sayings, and the Fraggles stand in awe and reverence of her. However, the trash heap lives outside the caves of Fraggle Rock, residing in a corner of the Gorgs’ Garden. This makes any journey to seek her wisdom perilous, as the Fraggles must sneak past Junior Gorg.

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Loic Prigent/Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton

Make sure to watch all parts, keeps getting better and better.
And then check out the work of artist Sarah Clifford-Rashotte here.
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Flying by Sam Fuller

Flying from Sam Fuller on Vimeo.

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I added the FUCK DEATH mug from Art Metrople‘s popup shop at MOCCA as well.

Eat your pills Children